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Hello there! This is Debasish Roy Full Stack Web Developer belongs to Bangladesh. A formal education in Computer Science and Engineering and has lead me to work for some leading software development companies. I started my career as a junior web designer 7+ years ago. After getting experience from several IT / Web Development firms, now I am working as a full time Freelancer. I've had the luck to work with clients from different countries; in fact too many.
My goal is simple: Do everything I can to become the best Web Developer. I want to deliver my best within web designing and development area where performance is measured through achievements, because web is my way & programming is my passion. Are you thinking about to start a website for personal or business purpose? I am ready to assist you. please get in touch.

You came to the right place if you need:

  • High-quality front and back-end development for web sites.
  • Website for you or your business
  • Redesign your old web site
  • User interface design
  • E-Commerce


Web Design
Plugin Development
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


I am more than happy to offer you

  • I love solving problems, and making great ideas happen.I compile valuable data using your Startup Questionnaire and my own research, to fully understand your vision, industry and demographics. I then create detailed wireframes and share my ideas with you.The key to creating great brands, products and experiences comes through understanding of the client and user needs, among other things. The crucial stages of concept development, research and planning are at the heart of any successful project. I take great care in ensuring all the necessary steps are taken to produce stellar results every time.

  • I have a strong background in design which allows me to think on my feet and act upon it. I simply love web design, all my work starts from a blank canvas so you will never have a web site that comes from a pre made site template. I know how a website should look from the business perspective. A website plays a vital role for any business. My unique skills & experience allow me to come up with creative solutions that form perfect harmonies between form and function while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic standard.

  • I code and develop your site using powerful technology and advanced backend management software. I turn my designs into a functioning website, and program the various functionalities that make your website come to life.I carefully inspect the site, including extensive mobile and responsive testing. To ensure a smooth transition post-launch.

  • I have extensive experience coding semantic HTML5, CSS3 and Twitter Bootstrap. I’ve been working closely with designers for so many years now. I offer pixel perfect PSD to HTML conversions of your carefully crafted designs and bring them to life exactly how you envisioned it.You deserve to get your designs exactly like you want – and you don’t need to go to the ends of the earth to make your developer understand!I provide pixel perfect, CSS based layout, cross browser compatibility and full responsive websites that run with all browser and device.

  • I develop custom multilingual CMS solutions and web applications with PHP and MySQL, specializing in WordPress for CMS development for custom application development.I strive to create user-friendly and flexible CMSs, as well as reliable, performant and secure web applications.

  • I create awesome mobile-optimised websites with WordPress. Would you love to have a website where you can manage all of your content through a simple, easy to use and intuitive interface without having to touch any code? Say hello to WordPress - the world’s most widely used and powerful content management system. I create website designs, code and develop websites into standard compliant HTML and CSS, then integrate those websites seamlessly into a custom developed WordPress Theme to easily manage content.

  • I've developed a client / vendor model that allows for ongoing support, maintenance and consultitive guidance without monthly commitments. Focus on the business, let me focus on the upkeep. I'll specialize in ongoing web maintenance services including 24/7/365 support, development / design continuous improvement and security services.

My Process

I am more than happy to share my Process


During the discovery phase, I schedule an initial meeting to discuss strategy, fulfill a creative brief, discuss wire frame creation, and the overall flow of your project with you. I recommend that all key players are present as this will eliminate any confusion and set the stage for a smooth project.



Based on the discovery phase input, I will begin coneptualising and drafting the initial design for your project. This will be in the form of static mockups created in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The polished concepts will then be presented and your feedback will be requested. I will then undergo 2 rounds of design changes before your final approval. Upon approval, the implementation phase I proceed.




I utilize the Bootstrap framework which allows us to deliver a functional site quickly and efficiently. I focus on delivering the core functionality initially, and incrementally adds more features and content as your project evolves and adjusts to your target market and business goals.



This phase involves end-user testing of the fully developed project to ensure that the functions and features are working correctly. During this process, I destroy any bugs and make any final adjustments. Once your project is ready to "go live", I require the client to formally review the project and state your acceptance.




After testing, a final in-house training session will be scheduled to ensure you have the necessary skills to use your content management system and manage all aspects of your project. This includes text, products, images, etc. My projects are developed with non-techsavy users in mind and are very easy to use.



Once you are satisified with the design and development of your project and have approved the functionality and features, I will complete 'launch' checklist and the project will release into the wild!


My Work

Now I'am Just Showing Off

  • Aero Flight Support

  • Aviation Dream Weavers

  • Centarusps

  • Faby and Carlo

  • Rutherford Home

  • KaraWaters

  • Ka yMcinroe

  • P2 Consulting

  • Pharmasia Limited

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I'm currently available for freelance projects or full-time work. If you're interested in working with me, please get in touch using one of the methods below. Or feel free to just say hi. I like that too.

  • Debasish Roy
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh